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Hydrogen Peroxide Fumigation

Hydrogen Peroxide Fumigation Services

Isocleanse also a Hydrogen Peroxide Fumigation Service. Using leading technologies to safely and uniformly distribute a hydrogen peroxide vapour / mist into an enclosed space. This service therefore allows the bio decontamination of surface and airborne contaminants as well as inaccessible areas such as HVAC ducting. It can be used in new builds, post maintenance, routinely as a control or against a specific threat.

Using Biological Indicator strips we can prove the effectiveness of the Fumigation on any room or area that would require a thorough decontamination.

We recommend our Pre Fumigation Clean before any hydrogen peroxide fogging to maximise the kill power and penetrate all surfaces. Areas have to be vacated whilst this process takes place.

This is the safer alternative formaldehyde and breaks down into water and oxygen at the end of the process.

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