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Deep Cleaning Services

Post-Construction / Post-Refurbishment

When a new cleanroom is constructed, it is essential that a stringent clinical clean is carried out to transform the area from a building site to a controlled environment.

Following a builders clean Isocleanse will carry out a post construction clean to create a functional, safe and effective environment essential for the production or R & D of drugs, injectables, medical devices and anything of a sensitive nature.

Isocleanse will carry out our proven 7 stage deep clean to create an environment fit for purpose, using a variety of industry recognised cleaning consumables and equipment in order to provide the most effective and efficient deep clean.

All of the work is carried out by Isocleanse staff and work is never subcontracted. All our technicians are rigorously trained in cleanroom etiquette, gowning, handwash, transfer hatch operation etc and only work in controlled environments, allowing Isocleanse to deliver effective cleaning solutions every time. Your dedicated account manager will also head the cleaning team to ensure consistency from consultation stage through to handover.

Isocleanse pride ourselves in offering contamination control without compromise. Within our 7 stage post-construction clean we offer a micro sampling service and guarantee* the results to be in specification after major building works. All micro samples are independently tested and presented in a UKAS accredited report by Quality Control North West who will provide media, incubate, read, and ID all samples.

We provide all cleaning records and documentation for consumables used on site. We also provide risk assessments, method statements, COSHH datasheets and CSCS cards if necessary prior to arriving on site. Our post-construction clean can then be carried out in a time efficient manner at the end of building works allowing minimum downtime for our clients.

In addition to our 7 Stage Aseptic Clean Isocleanse offer a Hydrogen Peroxide Cleaning Service

*TSA contact plates will be sampled post-clean to demonstrate results for first time customers. Results from these samples will be guaranteed to be within limits or isocleanse will return free of charge to rectify any out-of-spec results.

Isocleanse to have complete control of area and no additional building works are to take place after cleaning has commenced.

Isocleanse to only sample walls, floors and surfaces included in the clean and are not responsible for air cleanliness, filters, ducting etc.

Contract Cleaning

Isocleanse offer regular cleaning services to operational cleanrooms and aseptic environments in all industries ranging from daily to annual cleans and everything in between. There are several benefits in outsourcing specialised cleaning to highly experienced cleaners:

  • Allows maximum production and uptime
  • Minimises the potential for costly outbreaks
  • Uncompromised cleaning
  • Reliable trained cover available for holidays and/or sickness
  • Shut down cleaning to prevent cross contamination
  • Residue removal
  • Isocleanse staff can provide their own cleaning equipment, clothing, and consumables or are able to integrate into the clients’ own set-up with ease. Isocleanse staff are highly experienced with leading industry gowning and consumable suppliers and are fully trained in all the relevant techniques to comply with client specific procedures and processes.

    Emergency Clean

    Isocleanse are able to provide expert staff at short notice to carry out our bio decontamination service to reduce bio burden and reduce particulate. We tailor this service to suit each individual requirement.

    We can provide technicians, PPE, consumables and equipment as required.


    Isocleanse offer a variety of consultancy packages and technical support designed to suit our customers’ needs. We offer all types of training and validation packages that include theoretical and practical training through SOP’s, lectures, demonstrations, observation, and micro testing of personnel.

    It is essential that all staff working in a cleanroom are fully aware of the controlled environment they work in and how their actions may affect that environment. This includes cleaners as well as operators. Correct cleaning methodology and contamination control methodology are essential and it is just as essential that staff adhere to these rules and procedures.

    At Isocleanse we take pride in the fact that all of our staff are highly trained and well qualified to carry out any cleanroom cleaning activities. All our cleaners are trained in GMP practices and cleanroom protocols and training records are available to support this upon request.

    An example of what we may offer as a complete consultancy package would be:

  • Producing bespoke SOP’s for cleaning techniques and regimes, good cleanroom practice, hand wash and gloving up, gowning techniques, and cleanroom design and systems.
  • Documenting cleaning validations.
  • Training and validating staff in cleaning, gowning, and cleanroom techniques through micro testing of staff and their techniques.
  • We can offer our clients all our services as a turnkey package or as modular solutions depending on their requirements.